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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Marine Corps Ball?
The Marine Corps Ball is the annual Birthday celebration of the Marine Corps held near or on the Marine Corps Birthday, November 10th. It is a formal event where Marines often bring there families and/or dates. To learn more about the history and traditions of the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, click here.

Where is the ball held?
Units all over the world will have their own Birthday Ball at locations of their choice, such as a hotel ballroom, restaurant, or other gathering place.

Who Attends The Marine Corps Birthday Ball?
Marines and their guests, retired Marines, & sometimes other civilian guests.

Why do Marines need to raise money for the ball?
The Birthday Ball is a formal event. Its similar to a wedding or any other formal event where you have food and drink. As anyone who has planned a wedding or any other large formal event knows, the cost to cater and put on an event is expensive. Depending on how much the unit raises will determine the per person cost and how big the ball can be.

Why should I use
Simple, as a customer, you’ll know the second you see an item how much of your money will go back to the Marines. The products we have to offer are the same products you would normally buy at a mall or at a retail store, only they don’t give back your money to a good cause, like the Birthday Ball.

I am a Marine, how do I sign up my unit?
Easy, just click here.

Explain the process of how Marine Corps Ball actually works?
From both the Marines stand point and the customers stand point, we try and make this as user friendly and easy as possible. From start to finish:
1. Marines tell friends and family to our visit our website and purchase something to help raise money for their unit.
2. Friends and family or whoever was directed to the site will start at our welcome page where they will read a brief description of and have many options, which include learning more or raising money now. You can also sign up your unit here.
3. If you choose to learn more, the web pages are self explanatory. If you choose to raise now you will be directed to a page where you can select a unit to raise money for.
4. Once you’ve made a selection, you will be directed to the catalog section of the site where you can shop for various products to help raise money.
5. When you find something that you want, simply place in cart and follow instructions to check out.
6. We will send you confirmation and updates as to how much was raised per specific unit.
7. That’s all. It’s a pretty simple process. Again, Marines send friends and family to our website to buy something. We then take the orders, ship the products, and then mail the unit a check at the end of each month.

How do I know how much money I am actually giving to the organization?
Each item lists the dollar amount raised in bright red letters. During checkout our system totals the dollar amount you owe, and exactly how much was raised.

How do I know that the Marine of my choice is getting proper credit?
At the checkout counter you will be asked the referring Marine's name.

How long will it take for my item to ship?
Shipping usually begins 24-48 hours after reciept of payment. Shipping times may vary depending on inventory levels and product selection. We will notify you if your item is out of stock.

How does ship?
We ship via Post Office, UPS, and FedEX. A shipping and handling charge is added to each order during checkout. We give you the shipping option.

What if I did not get a confirmation number?
Your transaction may be incomplete. Please contact us with the email address and name used to make the purchase.

Can I change my shipping address?
Yes. Following the instructions here.

How can I receive an email copy of my order?
Simply follow the instructions here.

Can I get a refund for my order?
All sales are final. No refunds or exchages will be issued for purchases made via this website, except for damaged, defective, or unopened items returned within 14 days of reciept of item.

What should I do if I am disputing a charge?
If you feel you have been charged in error, please contact us for immediate assistance. Disputing the charge with your credit card company is time-consuming and unnessecary since most issues can easily be resolved with the help of our friendly support staff.

Do you still need help?
Contact a support specialist, who will promptly answer your questions and assist with any difficulties using our service.

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